Fall 2021 Net Zero Impact Report

Marley Flueger
November 15, 2021

We put our offset dollars to work – and the results are in!

With Joro, we’re bringing together the collective power of people to decarbonize our spending. By tracking, reducing, and offsetting our emissions, Net Zero Membership allows us to support meaningful climate projects at scale, today.

In less than six months, our community has caused over 1.1 million kgCO2e to be reduced and removed from our atmosphere beyond what would have happened otherwise. (We call this “additionality.”) To put that into perspective, it’d take over 52,700 trees to absorb that much carbon in a year. That’s a forest the size of nearly 800 football fields!

In our first ever Net Zero impact report, we reveal how our community is helping the best offset projects on the market scale their operations, increase their impact, and achieve their highest potential. Then, we introduce the newest additions to Joro’s Carbon Portfolio, and take a look at what comes next.

Impact Report: Q2 2021 & Q3 2021

In April 2021, our team of experts evaluated X providers to select the best offsets on the market for the Joro community to support. We’re offset skeptics ourselves, so we know they’re not all created equal. Just like you wouldn’t put all your money into one stock, we wouldn’t put your whole offset into a single project. We curate a portfolio of providers that not only reduce and remove carbon, but also prioritize innovation, scalability, and environmental justice.

The first three carbon providers we selected, Nori, Pachama, and Charm Industrial, have all demonstrated significant impact over the last six months. Read on to hear more about their progress.

Nori Carbon Removal Marketplace

Why We Picked Nori

Nori empowers farmers to remove carbon from the atmosphere through regenerative farming practices. With Nori, farmers can quantify their impact and sell verified carbon credit credits to buyers on Nori’s carbon marketplace.

Why Soil Carbon Sequestration Matters

The Earth’s soil holds three times the amount of carbon currently in the atmosphere. However, since inventing agriculture, people have reduced the carbon content of cultivated soils by 50-70%. Regenerative farming boosts our soil’s health and carbon sequestration capabilities.

Learn more about soil carbon sequestration with Joro’s Soil Offset Primer.

How Net Zero Elevates Nori

Your Net Zero membership helps farmers invest in the tools and equipment they need to make their operations more efficient. Trey Hill, owner of Harborview Farms in Maryland and Nori’s first farmer, had this to say:

“On the ground, [the Joro community’s] purchase of carbon credits is a tangible investment that provides my team at Harborview with the tools and technology we need to maintain the way we farm.”  

“The extra budget might buy extra seeds for a new, pollinator-friendly cover crop mix, plating attachments, or other innovative equipment. And that practical support doesn’t go unnoticed. For other, more traditional farmers, it’s a real incentive to change their ways as well.”

Our community also supports Garrett Land and Cattle in Iowa, and the neighboring farm of Adam and Levi Ullrich. The Ullrich Family joined Nori’s Marketplace as a direct result of the demand from the Joro community and buyers like us.

This is a clear example of how your early capital helped incentivize new farmers to adopt regenerative practices



Pachama is a forestry offset marketplace that uses satellite imagery and artificial intelligence to improve forest health and accurately measure carbon captured by their portfolio of forestry offset projects.

Why Effective Forestry Projects Matter

Forests are critical ecosystems and incredible carbon sinks, and forestry projects protect and restore them. Unfortunately, traditional methods of verifying forestry offsets are often unreliable - and some don’t remove the carbon they claim to.

We support Pachama because they supplement the documentation and verification of a third-party organization with their own ongoing analysis. Pachama’s technology remotely monitors and verifies forests, providing increased accuracy and transparency for purchasers.

Learn more with Joro’s Forest Offset Primer.

2021 Impact: Net Zero and Pachama

Our demand for new projects, alongside that of other buyers, has resulted in both of the forestry projects we support selling out of their supply. As a result, the owners are able to command higher prices for their carbon credits in the next vintage --in some cases, as much as 33-50% higher.

Furthermore, Pachama is commanding enough demand to originate new forestry projects themselves, expanding the supply of meaningful forestry projects. As the Joro community grows, we’re also able to have a stronger voice as a buyer in requesting more evidence of community engagement and benefits from these projects on an ongoing basis.

Furthermore, Pachama is commanding enough demand to originate new projects themselves, expanding the supply of meaningful forestry projects. We’re excited to continue protecting and restoring natural carbon sinks with Pachama, especially in areas where local communities can benefit.

Charm Industrial

Charm Industrial uses waste biomass to create bio-oil through a process called “fast pyrolysis”. Bio-oil is conveniently high in carbon and a stable, pumpable fluid. Charm leverages EPA disposal wells to pump bio-oil and other high-carbon industrial byproducts deep underground, sequestering them for thousands of years.

Why Effective Biomass Projects Matter

Biomass conversion projects can sequester carbon for 100s to 1000s of years. And while biomass projects have yet to be deployed at a massive scale, they have immense potential. A portfolio approach allows us to support promising projects like Charm while also funding solutions with greater immediate impact, like forestry and soil.

Learn more with Joro’s Biomass Offset Primer.

2021 Impact: Net Zero and Charm Industrial

The Joro community’s March 2021 purchase supported one of the earliest applications of Charm’s innovative technology. Charm delivered its first order of carbon removal in October of 2021 (ahead of schedule!).

Since January of 2020, Charm has delivered over 5,000 tons of CO₂e removal. They estimate that this makes it the world’s largest permanent carbon removal delivery of all time.

Through the support of the Joro community and others like us, Charm is directly enabled to scale up its production, reducing its future cost curve (much like how the price of solar power has dropped over the past 20 years).

Looking forward, we’re excited to continue to support their ability to scale a promising new permanent carbon storage pathway.

Q4 Updates: 3 New Featured Carbon Providers

Every few months, our team of experts evaluates new offset providers to ensure we are sourcing the best offsets on the market for the Joro community to support. This time, we evaluated 20 new providers and picked 3 new ones to include in the portfolio: Running Tide, NCX, and Grassroots Carbon.

Running Tide

Running Tide is piloting an open-ocean kelp farming project using the natural metabolism of macroalgae to capture carbon into its biomass. Our first purchase will support delivery of permanent carbon removal in 2025 and 2026, providing Running Tide necessary capital to demonstrate the effectiveness of an ocean-based carbon sequestration approach.

Learn more about why we chose Running Tide.


NCX directly supports landowners to protect old-growth forests, a critical global carbon sink. By combining satellite imagery, machine learning, and field measurements, NCX measures every acre of U.S. forest every year to bring transparency and accountability to forest carbon credits. Their approach incentivizes the growth of older, more carbon-rich forests, supporting rural communities, and advances science-based measurements of both carbon and biodiversity impact.

Learn more about why we chose NCX.

Grassroots Carbon

Grassroots Carbon empowers farmers with rigorous approaches to measure carbon they restore in soil through regenerative agricultural practices. The science of soil carbon measurement is relatively new and still being developed, and we picked Grassroots Carbon because of their dedication to the scientific rigor and transparency of their methodology. The bCarbon standard, used by all their projects, relies only on direct measurement of soil carbon, rather than models.

Learn more about why we chose Grassroots Carbon.

Support Meaningful Climate Solutions with Joro

No climate solution is a silver bullet. But together, they have immense potential. It’s the same with people; there’s no single action we can take to eliminate our impact. But when we take action to reshape our lifestyles, demand systemic change, and support solutions with the greatest collective impact – we can change the world.

Offsets aren’t a silver bullet, either. (Not for our entire society or regular folks.) But they can have a powerful impact if we use them wisely. As a Net Zero member, you support responsible, verifiable offset projects, while amplifying your impact through a community of like-minded folks.

Ready to join us? Start your Net Zero life today.

A climate action practice is the daily exercise of bringing awareness and intention to reduce the carbon emissions within your control.

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