Getting Started: How to Track your Footprint

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January 4, 2021

It can be hard to know how to make a difference in the climate crisis. As an individual, many of us feel powerless. But what if we told you that you do something every day that influences over 65% of global emissions?


Each day, when you spend money, you make choices that affect our shared climate trajectory. When you bike instead of drive, take a train instead of a flight, or switch to green electricity, you send a signal to the companies we buy from and the systems we’re a part of that you demand a lower-carbon world.

The climate crisis is not our fault, and we have to hold our business leaders and policymakers accountable. But our personal choices matter because they can catalyze larger change.

How we spend isn’t our only tool for action, but it’s a direct and impactful place to start, as part of a broader toolbox of tactics that includes advocacy and organizing.

Joro gives you a place to start taking climate action today based on how you spend money, and a path to making your impact systemic.


The things we buy require energy, which is often powered by fossil fuels. Data on where emissions come from can help us focus our effort on areas with the highest impact.

For instance, you might be curious about how to make your coffee habit more sustainable. Did you know that skipping the milk in your coffee is about 5x more impactful than bringing your own cup (dairy production is far more carbon-intensive than paper)?

You might also feel upset that you can’t change your 30-min commute to the office, which has a relatively high carbon footprint. But in reality, your drive has the same carbon footprint as the burger you might eat for lunch that day (transportation and agriculture each account for about a fifth of global emissions).

With the Joro app, you can connect your credit or debit cards to automatically see the carbon emissions of everything you buy. Identify the choices you’re willing to make with the relatively highest impact, and start there.

Read more on how Joro calculates your carbon footprint from spending: How The Carbonizer Works


Even the most mindful consumers can’t entirely eliminate their carbon footprint - at least not while our economy still relies on fossil fuels.

However, we can take one step further beyond reduction. We can offset the emissions we can’t avoid.

By supporting promising climate projects around the world that reduce or remove carbon, you can accelerate the shift to a world with net zero emissions. With Joro’s Net Zero Membership, you can subscribe to a curated portfolio of cutting-edge projects that restore forests, revitalize soil, rejuvenate oceans, and even inject oil back into the earth.

Go Net Zero by supporting promising climate reversal projects: Go Net Zero


Consume mindfully, offset your footprint, and then use your voice and resources to amplify paths to a more just and sustainable world. As you grow your climate practice, share your actions and draw on the Joro community for tips, inspiration, and support.

Together, see the impact of our collective actions add up to real change.

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A climate action practice is the daily exercise of bringing awareness and intention to reduce the carbon emissions within your control.

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