Joro Climate Action App Launches in Canada

Marley Flueger
March 9, 2022

In 2021, Canada signed its 2050 net zero ambitions into law and increased its emissions-reductions targets for 2030. The majority of Canadians want to see the federal government take bold action to achieve these goals – but they’re willing to take a look at their own lives, too. 

Over 80% of Canadians say they’re willing to change their lifestyles to help solve climate change. This matters, because Canadians have among the highest per-capita emissions in the world. 

The average Canadian generates 14.2 tonnes of CO2 equivalent every year. Our personal emissions are directly linked to how we spend money, but the impact behind what we buy isn’t obvious. 

Joro helps people unlock the climate power behind their spending. With their intuitive mobile app, people can easily track, reduce and offset the emissions behind everything they buy. Now, Canadian users can download Joro on Android and iOS. 

Headquartered in Oakland, California, Joro is driven by a small team passionate about making climate action more accessible (including two Canadians!). Canada is the app’s first expansion outside of the United States, with plans to launch in the UK later this year. 

“[The path to zero fossil fuels] is going to require massive systemic change – but it’s also going to require change at the individual level for every person in this country. And I think that’s really exciting.” 
- Dejah Powell, Sunrise Movement. 

Joro Makes Climate Action Easy By Linking With Spending

Nearly three-quarters of Canadians say they’re worried about climate change. But it can be tough to figure out how regular folks can help reverse the crisis. 

Joro gives consumers an easy first step using something they already do every day: spend money.

  • Track the emissions of what you buy: Know the carbon cost of your purchases. Securely link your spending accounts to the app to see where emissions come from. Unlock personalized carbon footprint visualizations and tailored tips for living lighter. 
  • Achieve meaningful savings: Discover actions to live lighter, saving money and carbon. Connect with friends and family. Track your progress in real-time in the app. 
  • Offset the rest to live net zero: Joro tallies up your monthly impact and makes it easy to to offset the emissions you can’t avoid yet. As a Net Zero Member, access a vetted portfolio of high-quality carbon removal projects evaluated by Joro’s team of experts, across biochar, ocean, forestry, and agriculture

How Data Unlocks Actionable Insights

Joro converts your spending habits into a common unit of climate impact, kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent or kg CO2e. This helps you compare the relative impact between, say, a Meal Fix delivery and a new pair of shoes. It’s the first step towards building your carbon intuition.

Your personal calculation also reflects your lifestyle and where you live. For instance, with high rates of green energy use, electrical bill estimates for a Canadian user are different from someone in the US. And when you head to the supermarket, Joro considers whether you eat meat or stick to plant-based proteins.

Joro uses this data to construct a visual representation of your unique carbon footprint. This reveals your great levers for impact, empowering you to take action where it matters most. 

This approach works: In 2021, the average Joro user cut their emissions by 21% and saved $3,000 – just by changing by how they spend. 

Learn more about how Joro Works

Community-Powered Climate Action

Climate change is a systems problem. But systems are made up of people – and we’re powerful when we act together. 

Together, our choices have more impact than we think. Consumer activity directly influences 65% of global emissions. When we all tlive a little lighter, we influence our shared trajectory for the better.

Joro brings together like-minded folks to discover their unique roles in the solution. Join the carbon-curious and climate activists, college professors and youth leaders, international celebrities and even your neighbor down the street. 

Explore Joro’s People of Net Zero to learn how community members are creating collective change through individual action. 

“Everyone can play a little role in [reversing climate change], and that will make a difference.” 
- Xometry CEO Randy Altshculer 

With Joro, Join the Front Lines of Decarbonization 

Like many countries, Canada has committed to reaching net-zero emissions by 2050. But with Joro, regular Canadians can go net zero today. Download the Joro app on iOS or Android, link your cards, and start building a climate action plan with real-world impact. 

A climate action practice is the daily exercise of bringing awareness and intention to reduce the carbon emissions within your control.

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