Our Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes

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November 23, 2020

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. Especially 2020, it feels like a moment to pause, spend time with loved ones (be it virtually or in person), create space for gratitude and reflection, and of course, indulge in our favorite foods. What’s not to love? 

One opportunity this year has presented is that to forge new traditions. For many of us, a bird may remain the centerpiece; others may be thinking outside the box with hearty curries or glamorous, plant-based entrées. We're looking forward to exploring new flavors and and new traditions this year.

Our team loves to cook, so we’re sharing our favorite recipes for a flavor-rich, diversified, plant-forward table that packs a punch. We hope these dishes bring you as much joy as they bring us and our families!

Sanchali, CEO & Founder

Hometown | Current city: Newton, MA | Oakland, CA

My current climate practice is walking and biking more. The pandemic has limited travel - but it’s also helping me discover the small gems in my neighborhood. It’s amazing how many places you can discover in 20 mins on a bike!

This year, I’m thankful for silly moments with our team on zoom. This has been such a tumultuous and intense year - it’s been a joy and relief to see a small band of people I love every day on my little laptop screen. 

An Impressive Thanksgiving Appetizer: Squash on Toast - The New York Times

Favorite Thanksgiving recipe: Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Squash on Toast by Mark Bittman

Description: This is definitely my go-to Thanksgiving dish. It’s just the right level of effort to feel indulgent, but easy enough to avoid a fuss in a bustling kitchen. In our house, we usually cook frantically all morning before a late afternoon Thanksgiving meal. Squash on Toast is the perfect snack to have ready in the early afternoon, when everyone’s a little peckish and grumpy from too many elbows in the kitchen. You can cut and prep the ingredients the day before, so day-of cooking and assembly is relatively quick. The sharp, cold goat cheese and bright mint pair perfectly with warm, sweet squash and jammy onions. This one’s guaranteed to become a regular.

Will, Software Engineer

Hometown | Current city: St. Paul, MN | Minneapolis, MN

My current climate practice is reserving meat for special occasions, supporting local agriculture, and donating to climate advocacy organizations.

This year, I’m thankful for easy access to public land for outdoor recreation — the easiest way to have fun while socially distancing.

Favorite Thanksgiving recipe: Soft dinner rolls by King Arthur’s Flour

Description: Not all plant-based food has to be healthy! This year, I’ll be in charge of the carbs: potatoes, stuffing, and (my personal favorite) bread rolls. This recipe for dinner rolls uses potato flour to keep the roll light and fluffy (think a diner-style hamburger bun). Whether these rolls will be used to soak up gravy, sandwich a protein of choice, or justify copious amounts of butter, my “quarenpod” is already pumped for these dinner rolls.

Sonja, Data Science & Machine Learning Intern

Hometown | Current city: Kirkland, WA | Palo Alto, CA

My current climate practice is  buying used goods (go Craigslist!) and reducing my shrimp consumption. Through my work with Joro, I’ve learned that farmed shrimp is about twice as carbon intensive as chicken, so I’m trying to cut it down.

This year, I’m thankful for e-commuting! Working and socializing on Zoom has saved hours and hours in the car, and it’s made it easier to reconnect with friends across the globe.

Favorite Thanksgiving recipe: Vegan Duck Pancakes by Lazy Cat Kitchen

Description: I can’t remember the last time that my family had turkey at Thanksgiving — for the last 15 years or so, it’s always been duck. Thanksgiving was a time my family and several East Asian immigrant families would get together and serve a mix of American and Chinese favorites. The centerpiece was always the Peking-style duck. This recipe offers a plant-based alternative to the classic duck, using jackfruit (but you could probably sub in mushrooms if you feel compelled)! 

Meve, Marketing Director

Hometown | Current city: Dolbeau-Mistassini, Qc, CA  | Oakland, CA

My current climate practice is to install solar panels on the house with the goal of replacing our gas vehicle with an electric car. That way, our EV will be recharged from a clean and renewable energy source. Granted, it’s more of a one-off project than a practice. It should still count, right?

This year, I’m thankful for the opportunity to join the Joro team. It’s been a real delight to work with a group truly passionate about solving the biggest crisis of our generation. I feel so privileged given the hardship forced on so many of us during this pandemic.

Favorite Thanksgiving recipe: Vegetarian Savoury Pie with Chickpeas and Mushroom by Ricardo Larrivée

Description: Meat pies are a staple of Quebecois holiday dinners, and Christmas brunch, and lunch... Inevitably, you’ll get tired of them by the New Year, but when the season is around the corner, you always look forward to them. In trying to reduce my meat consumption, I had difficulty finding a good vegetarian supplement until I tried this recipe from Ricardo (the French-Canadian Martha Stewart). This Thanksgiving, I’ll try to replace the chickpeas with equal parts of Impossible Meat. I’m crossing my fingers with the hope to trick my in-laws.

Eileen, Product Designer

Hometown | Current city: Louisville, KY  | San Francisco, CA

My current climate practice is to shop secondhand, be car-less, and reduce my meat intake to one or two times a week. 

This year, I’m thankful for strong friendships that withstand distance and time. In this unusually wacky year, I’m so thankful for a group of friends that’s always available for a zoom call or a Facetime. Especially after moving cross country to join the Joro team!

Favorite Thanksgiving recipe: Deep-Dish Honey Apple Galette by Alison Roman

Description: This buttery, apple-y, sugary treat has been a staple for my past few thanksgivings. For those of you who don’t like pumpkin pie, this is a great substitute for dessert! It’s a little less trouble than a traditional apple pie because you don’t have to go through the trouble of crimping the top. Since it’s a galette, the top stays open and all the apples get cooked down and get nice and juicy!

Enakshi, Software Engineer

Hometown | Current city: Toronto, ON | San Francisco, CA

My current climate practice is primarily a plant-based diet with the occasional indulgence in cheese, buying used clothing (shout out to Worn Wear Patagonia collection + thrifting), and air drying clothes instead of using a dryer. 

This year, I’m thankful for the National Parks Service for safely allowing visitors to enjoy the outdoors during the pandemic!

Favorite Thanksgiving recipe: Vegan Apple Gingerbread Cake by Minimalist Baker 

Description: A delicious yet nutrition-packed holiday delight. This cake has a wonderful, creamy vegan cream cheese frosting and a lightly-spiced gingerbread base. A perfect treat to share with family and friends or simply have with some afternoon tea. Paul Hollywood would surely give you his handshake over this baked delight.

A climate action practice is the daily exercise of bringing awareness and intention to reduce the carbon emissions within your control.

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