People of Net Zero

Sanchali Pal
October 20, 2021

People of Net Zero is a series highlighting the stories of people using Joro to accelerate the shift away from fossil-fueled consumption. With Joro, people can track and minimize the emissions from their spending, offset what they can’t avoid by supporting meaningful climate projects, and amplify their impact through community.

Starting on October 31, 2021, world leaders will meet in Glasgow, Scotland for the UN climate summit, COP26.

The theme of COP26 this year is “uniting the world to tackle climate change,” with the primary goal to “secure global net zero by mid-century and keep 1.5°C within reach.” Some are hailing it as “the world’s last best chance of preventing climate disaster.” Critics say the event should be postponed due to a lack of inclusivity, saying that challenges in vaccine access and exorbitant costs will cause the countries most affected by the climate crisis to be left out.

For most of us who will not be in the room at COP26, how can we get involved? How can we help secure global net zero by mid-century?

To answer that question, we’re kicking off People of Net Zero, a series highlighting the stories of people accelerating the shift away from fossil-fueled consumption, on and outside of the Joro platform.

Changing our shared climate trajectory is a collective challenge - we need everyone on board. It’s both empowering and challenging. It’s good to know that our choices matter. But we can’t police every choice every day.

We each need to find our own passion and our own focus - our own way in to becoming part of the solution. By taking ownership of our emissions, finding our biggest levers for impact, and using our voices to advocate for systems change, each of us can become part of the climate solution.

We draw inspiration from the people in our community across different backgrounds and professions who are manifesting a decarbonized world, both on and beyond the Joro platform. Our community includes artists, activists, entrepreneurs, engineers, teachers, investors, and business people; Democrats and Republicans; folks from Gen-Z to Gen-X.

Some folks may choose to orient their jobs toward climate; others might use the ways they save and invest to shift away from fossil fuels. We will each carve our own unique pathway to change, but together, we can accelerate the shift to a net zero world.

To us, living net zero means:

  • Tracking and reducing the emissions within our control
  • Supporting meaningful offset projects to tackle emissions we can’t yet avoid
  • Amplifying our actions to influence the people and systems around us

Having role models is incredibly important. By telling stories of people like us who are making a difference, we normalize caring about the climate. You don’t have to be a policymaker or a CEO to take meaningful climate action (although if you are, you may have an outsize impact by doing so!). In truth, decisionmakers make difficult choices when we, as citizens and as customers, demand it. Read more about the folks in our community who inspire us to take action:

As you think about finding your own pathway to action, consider your unique superpowers. What are you passionate about? What resources do you influence, through your money, job, community, or advocacy? Where do you feel capable of making a change?

Joro can help you understand where your emissions come from, find levers for change based on how you spend money, and connect with a community of people working together to mobilize larger change. Find inspiration, motivation, and hope.

Together, we’re creating the world we want to live in.

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