Together, we hold the key to accelerating a livable future.

We're here to help you stop doom-scrolling and identify what you can do today. We meet you where you are, to help you focus on the choices that matter most.

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From Our Founder

A journey to a lighter way of living.

We have less than 10 years to cut global emissions in half. When I worked in international development in Ethiopia and India, I saw first-hand the devastating effects of the climate crisis, especially for poor and vulnerable populations. My urgency toward the crisis changed. Since moving back home to the US, I’ve seen changing climates disrupt lives on this side of the world, too, from historic flooding in Central states to the worst wildfire season in American history. The climate crisis is accelerating at a pace we can't fully comprehend.

We are in a historic moment for transformative change.

Consumers directly influence the majority of global emissions through our spending choices. There is enormous power in that. Yet there are few resources for us to understand and manage our impact.

I founded Joro to empower people to take climate actions that matter.

With Joro, manage your climate impact as intentionally as you manage your money. We seek to make it accessible for anyone to live net zero and connect with a community of people doing the same thing. Together, we can live lighter.

The climate crisis was caused by humans. It will be reversed by us, too.

Sanchali Pal

Sanchali Pal

CEO and Founder, Joro

Meet The Team

We're a passionate crew of doers committed to addressing the biggest crisis of our generation. We bring the same commitment to building an incredible workplace. Want to work with us? We’d love to get to know you.

Job Openings

Sanchali Pal

CEO & Founder

Coffee-drinker, hustle-bringer, big-thinker

Nick Reavill

Head of Engineering

Tie-wearing problem solver

Kyna Payawal

Design Lead

Seer of possibilities, student of life

Will Gislason

Software Engineer

Writer of code, baker of bread

Gabrielle Gustilo

Software Engineer

Engineer, yogini, cat lady

Madeline Streilein

Software Engineer

Lover of dumplings and process

Sonja Johnson-Yu

Data Scientist

Lover of data and pet chickens

Sophie Janaskie

Carbon Strategy Manager

Professional climate nerd, recreational pizza enthusiast

Laura Barber

Social Media & Community Manager

Tea addict, second-hand shopper

Zachary Connolly

Data Scientist & Analyst

Untangler of knots and eater of nachos

Peter Lindsay

Head of Growth

Systems thinker, backwoods explorer

Kristina Kelhofer

Chief of Staff

Music appreciator + creator, mtn adventurer, & pantry chef

Carey Brown

Lifecycle Marketing Manager

Food waste fighter, nylon flyer, hype woman

Roxanne Cook

Principal Product Designer

Creative problem solver, forest dweller, craft enthusiast.

Our Expert Advisory Board provides rigorous review.

We set up the Joro Expert Advisory Board (EAB) because Joro takes our role as an information provider seriously. Slashing global emissions  on the critical timeline outlined by the UN will require accurate, consistent data models. Personal carbon management is an emerging area of study, and we seek to establish global best practices by applying cutting-edge research from the lab to the field.

The EAB has three core objectives:

1. Provide objective, rigorous review. We seek to work with advisors who push our thinking, ground our work against a high standard of academic research, provide constructive criticism, and collaborate on problem-solving. As we build new data models and approaches, we aim to provide true advances that we can share back with the sector as a whole.

2. Set a high standard of data accountability and privacy in the field. The field of personal carbon management is still emerging we are setting new precedents for how data is used, processed, and shared. In the case of carbon offsetting, we are often advancing new standards for evaluation. Across the board, we seek to set a high standard of accountability for the sector.

3. Promote diversity of thought. Through exchange of data, approaches, and ideas, we seek to help diversify the field of carbon accounting and management. To accelerate a just and sustainable transition, we will bring together voices from varied communities and fields of study.

Na’im Merchant

Carbon removal, carbon offsetting, & environmental justice

Na'im has advised think tanks, companies, and nonprofits on topics such as improved carbon offsetting, environmental justice in carbon removal, cutting-edge decarbonization pathways, and policy to scale “carbontech”. In his work, Na'im leverages 10 years of experience in health access for underserved populations in Malawi and Liberia. He is dedicated to bringing an equity lens to carbon removal.

Na’im holds a BA from the University of British Columbia, an MSc from LSE, and an MPA from the Harvard Kennedy School. Na'im is a proud Canadian, but lives with his wife and clingy parrot in D.C.

Reed Miller

Environmental impact modeling & carbon footprint estimation

In recent years, Reed's research has focused on Industrial Ecology tools including Life Cycle Assessment, Environmentally-Extended Input-Output analysis, and Material Flow Analysis. He's applied them to industries like aviation, metals, buildings, electronics, & roads. He's a Post-Doctoral Associate at Yale's Center for Environmental Law & Policy.

Reed holds a PhD from the Yale Center for Industrial Ecology. Previously, he was a research specialist at the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub, and earned Masters degrees at MIT in Technology & Policy and Environmental Engineering. Originally from Rochester, NY, he earned his BS at the University at Buffalo.

What We Stand For


Aim higher.

We are creating a future in which all people contribute to and benefit from a thriving planet. Getting there will be hard, but that won’t stop us. We give a shit - about each other and our shared future.

Be curious, be rigorous.

We encourage new ideas, and we test our ideas against reality. We have the courage to ask tough questions because we always want to improve.

Pursue progress over perfection.

All the ideals in the world won’t help anyone unless we act on them. We prioritize progress over perfection. We don’t just talk; we move forward, despite uncertainty.

Rely on each other.

We act with more than ourselves in mind. We reject the idea of “not my problem”. We cultivate diversity because it makes us better: none of us alone has all the answers. Together, we are creating a solution as big as the problem we face.

Live lighter.

The climate crisis is heavy. But living lighter is joyful, creative, and empowering. We create space to laugh, be humble, and embrace our full selves.


We dream big.

In the app, set the audacious goal of achieving net zero - not in 2050, but today. We help you discover how to push yourself in ways that matter.

We tell it like it is.

We commit to being honest, even when it's hard. We always put things in perspective, helping you make impactful choices. Count on us for real talk.

We guide.

Our role is not simply to inform but to help you act. We focus on insights over facts and practical tips over research papers.

We motivate.

We help you find the paths to stay motivated and grow your impact. We show you your footprint, but also how your savings multiply with the community.

We are bold and bright.

We are hopeful. Joro emphasizes then levers for impact within our control and provides paths to learn about the things we can't change yet. We celebrate the wins.