We're a curious, passionate crew of doers. We bring the same commitment to building an incredible workplace.

Are you excited to mobilize millions of people to build a solution as big as the climate crisis? Itching to be part of a team from the ground up? We’d love to get to know you. We offer competitive start-up benefits, and are excited to build our team with stellar people anywhere in the US.

Full-Stack Data Scientist

We are looking for a mission-driven, full-stack data scientist who is excited to pioneer accurate, accessible tools that empower people to act on emissions data. As an early member of a small team committed to reversing the climate crisis, your work will have a tremendous impact both for the company and our community.

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Data Analyst

We’re looking for a data analyst who cares about climate change and climate justice, loves to work as part of a fast-moving team, and is hungry to learn on the job. Joro is a small company and as the first data analyst, you will have a major impact on what we build and how we work together.

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Full-Stack Software Developer

We are looking for a mission-driven full-stack developer with some experience building mobile or web applications, and who is hungry to learn more. We’re a small team so you’ll have tremendous impact regardless of your level of experience.

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Community and Social Media Manager

We are looking for a community manager to create and disseminate content to drive engagement and growth – curating the way that Joro connects with people who are passionate about taking climate action. You’ll act as the in-house expert on social media and user engagement. We’re a small team so you’ll have tremendous impact regardless of your level of experience.

Learn more and apply online.

Think you have what it takes, but not sure you check every box? Research shows that while men apply when they meet an average of 60% of the criteria, women and marginalized folks tend to only apply when they check every box. If you're passionate about what we're building, send us your resume and a note to We're always looking to meet great people.

Aim higher.

We want to create a future in which all people contribute to and benefit from a thriving planet. Getting there will be hard, but we have an infectious energy for change. We give a shit.

Be curious, be rigorous.

We encourage new ideas, and we test our ideas against reality. We have the courage to ask tough questions because we always want to improve. We commit to being honest, especially when it is hard.

Pursue progress over perfection.

All the ideals in the world won’t help anyone unless we put them into action. We focus on what matters most and prioritize progress over perfection. We don’t just talk; despite uncertainty, we move forward.

Rely on each other.

We act with more than ourselves in mind. We reject the idea of “not my problem”. We cultivate diversity because it makes us better. None of us alone has all the answers. Only together can we create a solution that’s as big as the problem.

Live lighter.

The climate crisis is heavy. But living lighter is joyful, creative, and empowering. We create space to laugh, be humble, and embrace our full selves.