How we select offset projects

Joro selects high-impact carbon offset projects, backed by evidence and analysis. To select projects, we conduct our own meticulous research, consult third-party evaluations, and engage with experts to ensure they meet the following criteria.


First, we screen vendors to ensure the integrity of the carbon credits. Projects must cross the basic hurdle of actually reducing or removing the carbon they claim to.


A project must demonstrate strong evidence that GHG reduction the project is responsible for would not have been achieved in a business as usual scenario.


The offset vendor must provide evidence that the carbon credits issued from a project are sold once and retired. Credits must be backed by a contract that defines exclusive ownership.


A project must demonstrate strong evidence that it is not taking credit for carbon reduction or removal that would have happened already, without the project.


To stabilize atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases, long-term carbon removal and storage is critical. Joro is curating a selection of projects that balance short-term and long-term carbon storage.


We seek to work with partners that demonstrate transparency in fee structure and operational efficiency.

Transformative Potential

Addressing the climate crisis will require fundamentally transforming our systems and society. We prioritize carbon reduction and removal projects that contribute to a world for all life to thrive.


Joro aims to support a more efficient and direct market for offsets. Joro favors options that provide a higher percent of overall cost to project owners.


Joro favors scalable projects that can lower global emissions by at least 1 gigaton, contributing significantly to reaching net zero by 2050.

Catalytic Potential

Joro prioritizes projects that advance innovation, demonstrate replicability, and inspire similar future projects.

Ecosystem Benefits

We support projects that create benefits to natural ecosystems beyond carbon, including conservation, biodiversity, and climate adaptation benefits.

Community Benefits

The climate crisis presents enormous equity and justice challenges. We prioritize projects that will benefit the poorest and most vulnerable populations who are affected most by changing climates.